Wellness Account Representative and Registered Dietician

Job Description

Are you passionate about wellness? Help make a difference in the lives of our client’s employees by supporting a culture of health at the worksite. We are seeking an enthusiastic, passionate wellness professional to join our team and service clients throughout the state of Michigan.



  • Creating and inspiring a culture of health for our clients
  • Increasing engagement in our client’s wellness programs
  • Managing multiple tasks simultaneously including promotion, communication, strategic planning, and evaluation of our programs.
  • Traveling onsite to build relationships with employees, influence culture, teach and provide biometric screenings
  • Equipping people to make life change through 1:1 health coaching
  • Tracking participation and completing reports to determine outcomes and incentives


  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field and certification as a Registered Dietician
  • Flexibility in schedule. While are general office hours are 8am-5pm, we do spend time onsite at our clients at hours in the early morning, and occasionally early evening. Applicants must be able to accommodate these shifts.
  • Commitment to a team approach
  • Passion for helping people live a healthier life


  • Our core values are not just words on a page but ideas and principles to be lived out. Therefore, we expect all employees to be living examples of our mission and values, as well as ambassadors for their client’s wellness goals and objectives.
  • Professionalism is critical, which is why we expect our employees to represent both OSW and the client with excellence through their words and actions.
  • Flexibility is essential to this role. Our representatives must be able and willing to work various shifts and at odd times to best serve the client. This includes early mornings, evenings, late nights, and occasional weekends.
  • Being onsite is in our name, which means our account representatives must be able and willing to travel to clients both during the day and overnight based on their client’s programming needs.
  • Accuracy and efficiency are critical to our bottom line (not to mention our reputation). That’s why we expect Account Reps to be proficient with the Microsoft Office suite and find the most efficient workflow for themselves and their clients.
  • We expect our Account Representatives know where to find sound, relevant wellness resources for their clients.
  • From time to time, special projects pop up – assignments that require leadership and oversight. When these opportunities arise, we are looking for Account Reps who will rise to the challenge by pitching in however they can to ensure the project’s success.


  • Oversight of Nutrition and Dietetic Programming
    • As an RD, design and revise all nutritional program elements including written materials, online workshops and onsite classes offered to clients to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.
    • Provide strategic support to our nutrition offerings, keeping us up to date with the latest research and trends and helping us to focus our resources on the most relevant topics
    • Provide nutrition coaching to employees through face to face sessions and over email and phone
    • Give oversight to our Dietetic internships, ensuring that the internship experience is representative of the role at our company and meaningful in exposure to dietetics in the corporate wellness setting.
  • Client Program Implementation
    • Determine overall annual program outline with Account Manager and clients that will maximize participant outcomes toward better health
    • Develop seasonal program based on annual outline for each client, holding to deadlines, prioritizing tasks in order of importance
    • Schedule instructors, set dates, reserve rooms for each class in a timely manner
    • Organize and/or design challenges at least one month prior to their release
    • Promote all wellness programs through full and effective use of client communication channels in a time frame that best meets the needs of the client
      • Evaluate all programs based on participation, participant feedback, changes in health status, and cost
      • Creation, development and instruction of programs within area of expertise.
  • Wellness Assessments
    • Be proficient at performing biometric screening procedures including proper finger pokes, blood pressure, height, weight, and waist measurements, appropriate levels for lab values, and universal precautions related to blood.
    • Determine schedule and staffing needs
    • Develop communication plan and sign up information
    • Be onsite, ensuring that assessments go well
    • Provide client with assessment reports
  • Wellness Coaching (as needed)
    • Ensure the development of a system for each client company and participant to track personal wellness goals and progress
    • Perform wellness coaching in guidance with Intrinsic Coaching recommendations
    • Refer participant to other resources as necessary, keeping within areas of expertise
    • Some client companies may have a structured wellness coaching program, others it may be an informal program, in all cases keeping adequate documentation of coaching sessions
    • Maintain confidentiality of all coaching sessions and documentation
  • Client Reports
    • Maintain accurate database of participation for client based on program and incentive
    • Provide participation reports by the deadlines determined by OSW and the client
    • Provide individual reports for each participant to show status of their participation; client will determine frequency and when these need to be sent to participants
    • Provide annual (or more frequently if needed) incentive data in the time frame needed for client
    • Maintain HIPAA compliance and confidentiality for all personal health information
    • Maintain monthly documentation of programming for clients to be passed on the beginning of each month for billing purposes.


Apply through email

Want to apply? Send an email to chris@onsitewellnessllc.com with your introduction and resume attached.

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Based in Grand Rapids, serving clients throughout the state and region.



Full Time