Wellness Best Practices

Wellness Compliance, Program Design and Integration, and more.

Navigating Wellness Best Practices is Overwhelming

Wellness Compliance is sticky.  Knowing where to start is not as clear as you hoped.  That’s where Mary and Amy come in.


After our experienced team gets to know you and your unique organization, we will build a customized wellness solution that is legally compliant,  evidence-based, and matches your budget.

Our Consulting Services are built on Six Key Concepts:
  • Ensure Legal Compliance by reviewing any current wellness initiatives you may have against latest regulations
  • Establish Effective Communication by providing frequent and consistent messaging to build transparency
  • Support a Healthy Workplace Climate that fosters authenticity, trust, and self-drive
  • Drive Tier-Down Leadership Support to provide meaning and purpose behind the organization’s wellness initiative
  • Design a Relevant Incentive Package that is valued by your participants to spark intrinsic motivation
  • Bring Purpose to Wellness by providing a variety of ways for individuals to participate that fits their schedule, personality, and likes


Your Organization's


Your Employees' Well-Being is the Key