Help Employees Kick the Habit

Empower your people to kick the habit

Show Them You Care By Offering Professional Support

Sometimes quitting nicotine is the hardest thing to do. Offering our Nix the Nicotine telephonic program to your employees shows you care about their entire well-being by directly helping them reach their toughest goal. This program highlights the incentive to quit smoking and provides realistic goals. 

Our Cessation Specialists Unlock Potential

We believe relationships are crucial for impact. That’s why each Nix the Nicotine participant is assigned a coach for the entire duration of the program to create an opportunity for building trust.

Easy to Access Resources

Quitting comes with enough obstacles, our goal is to make access to education and coaching as easy as possible for each participant.  With an online portal and mobile app the program can be accessible no matter where you are.  No access to those options, just talk to your coach for other accommodations to meet your needs.

What you can expect from our coaching team:
  • Builds trusting relationships
  • Tracks each participant’s quitting progress
  • Helps set formal goals
  • Offers constructive accountibility
The Nix the Nicotine tracker calls for deep self-reflection
All participants will complete this powerful one-week tracker to help them quantify their triggers, identify their barriers to quitting, and become aware of other free community resources to explore on their own. The Nix the Nicotine tracker also provides key information to help guide our coach’s conversations with each participant.


Your Organization's


Your Employees' Well-Being is the Key